Sunday, July 26, 2009

July Update

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OK, OK - so we never got around to a June update, but here goes...

We went to Michigan for the last week of June/beginning of July. Rick and the boys went for a week and Kathryn joined them for the last four days. It was a good time to see family and friends. All of us, especially the boys, enjoyed the farm and cool weather. Rick got together with two of his friends and former college teammates who he hadn't seen in a couple of years - Chris Wooley and David Greenwood. They had a great time catching up.

The boys were attached at the hip to their older cousin Caleb Opper, who is 16. He stayed at Rick's mom's house with them for most of the week. What more could three young boys ask for than an older cousin to take them on 4-wheeler rides, shoot birds and targets with, build forts in the woods with, race cars on X-box with, and more. Here is Landon with Caleb looking over a fort in the woods.

A couple days later, Cassandra (18) and Callie (14) joined them and the boys now were surrounded at all times! Cassandra's friend, Colleen, also came north with them and was very sweet with the boys too.

Callie and Keaton watching a video

Cassandra and Colleen with Keaton

Callie playing with Keaton

Hudson and Landon each got to sleep with Grandma

Take a Grandmother that loves to serve her family with food and a two year old boy known for loving berries and what do you end up with??

Keaton disappeared into the backyard for a while and Rick found him digging in Grandma's garden. This is what he looked like...

And nearly every night Grandma read to the boys at bedtime from "My Bedtime Anytime Story Book."

The Michigan memorial service for Rick's dad was on July 1st. It was a beautiful service that honored him and honored God. Hundreds of people came including some family members that we'd never met or hadn't seen in more than 20 years.

Rick and Kathryn also traveled to Lansing and were able to see Rick's sister Bonnie who had been hospitalized for over 50 days undergoing treatment for her Leukemia and her husband, Steve, who was undergoing treatment for his Lymphoma that was diagnosed during Bonnie's treatment. She was looking much better by then and in fact went home a few days after we saw her.

On the house front, it is under contract and due to close at the end of July. The buyers have already moved in as they asked for early occupancy so they wouldn't have to move twice after closing on their house. It isn't exactly cause for celebration but more of a sigh of relief.

We're doing well and can't believe school is coming soon. Hudson's school begins on August 9th and Landon will be starting pre-K four days per week at La Casa de Christo this year. Both are excited.

Take care all and we hope to hear from you soon.


Chris and Kelly said...

Good to read the latest update since we don't get to see you all that often anymore!

What schools are the boys attending this year?

And even though you said its not cause for celebration, I'm still celebrating that it is almost complete! :0)

Jane Gray said...

I am celebrating the house sale also. It's been a long time praying for God to make it happen.

I can't believe Hudson goes to school on the 8th. OH, MY. And Landon, it just can't be. Time is going to fast. Love, Grandma